Pet Cremation
The loss of a pet is a very difficult time.  It is hard to say goodbye to your beloved friend and valued member of your family.  Many people ask what is involved in the pet cremation process.  This page is dedicated to helping you understand the process.

NSPC LLC works with your veterinarian to properly care for your deceased pet.  Your pet will be given its own identity tag that will remain with the pet throughout the cremation process to ensure that we always know where your pet is and how it is to be handled.  NSPC LLC will pick up your pet from established veterinarian clients and bring it to our facility.  We perform all of our own cremations at our facility.  Depending upon the size of your pet, the cremation may take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to be complete. Cremations are sceduled in the order that pets are received at our facility.

When it is time for your pet's cremation, the pet is placed into an incinerator specially designed for pet cremation for the appropriate time according to your pet's weight and breed.  Following the cremation, your pet's cremains are removed, cooled and processed so as to provide for easy transfer into a pet urn or burial shell.  Throughout the entire process your pet's identity tag stays with him or her.  Your pet's cremains are kept separate and are never mixed with other pet cremains.  Your pet's cremains are then labeled and transported back to your veterinarian.  For an additional shipping and handling charge, your pet's cremains can be mailed to the location of your choice.
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